Limited seats still available at select Ascend schools for the 2023-24 school year! Call or text 347-227-6070 for more information.

Limited seats still available at select Ascend schools for the 2023-24 school year! Call or text 347-227-6070 for more information.

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Deepening study across subjects at Ascend middle schools

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By the time Ascend students enter middle school, they have acquired academic skills, critical capacities, mental stamina, and engagement in schooling to participate in an ambitious course of study.

In the middle school, the curriculum is broadened and students deepen the skills introduced in the lower school. Ascend’s Humanities Program is the natural successor to the lower school literacy program; its primary goals are cultural literacy; critical-thinking, writing, and close-reading. The middle school math program develops students to become strong problem solvers, with a knack for interpreting the world mathematically, and the science program harnesses the study of science and technology to explore issues of importance to students, their community, and society.

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The beauty of algebra

Watch Brownsville Ascend sixth graders discover the beauty and power of algebra.

Building agency in the Ascend middle schools

After completing Ascend’s lower school program, students have developed the social and emotional capacities to thrive in a new environment where they enjoy increasing freedoms and responsibilities. Relying on the Responsive Classroom approach in middle school, we build a climate where our students’ desire for autonomy, competence, relationship, and fun are met; where students feel connected, heard, empowered, and safe; and where they are encouraged to begin developing independence of action and character.

The central focus of Ascend’s middle school culture is the development of agency—students’ knowledge that they are in control of their own lives and can act of their own free choices. The scaffolding of the early years is gradually pulled away so students can self-manage with increased autonomy.

This capacity will prove essential for further growth in high school, and in preparation for post-secondary life. Beginning in middle school, students transition between classes autonomously, take part in daily Advisory meetings, and choose their own elective enrichment classes.

Middle school locations

Brooklyn Ascend Middle

123 East 98th Street

Grades 58

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Brownsville Ascend Middle

1501 Pitkin Avenue

Grades 58

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Bushwick Ascend Middle

2 Aberdeen Street

Grades 58

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Canarsie Ascend Middle

744 East 87th Street

Grades 58

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Central Brooklyn Ascend Middle

1886 Nostrand Avenue

Grades 58

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Cypress Hills Ascend Middle

396 Grant Avenue

Grades 5 (in 2022)6-8 (in 2025)

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Flatbush Ascend Middle

123 Linden Boulevard

Grades 5 (in 2023)6-8 (in 2026)

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