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Ascend is a network of schools that puts our students, their possibility, and their dignity at the center of everything we do. Our schools are set apart by our use of inquiry-based learning, the Responsive Classroom model, and our deep commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

Our approach

Welcoming school community

As a cornerstone of our schools, we create safe, joyful, engaging classrooms and school communities through Responsive Classroom, a student-centered social and emotional learning approach to teaching and discipline. Our schools use language and strategic systems to support students as they develop the academic, social, and emotional skills to become leaders and change-makers.

Well-rounded course of study

Our broad, rich, inquiry-based academic curriculum is fully aligned to the Common Core, Next Generation, and AP standards, and teachers help students to embody their inherent excellence by providing rich, joyful learning experiences.

Whole-child learning

We prepare our students to be critical thinkers who are hungry to learn and grow. Teachers use inquiry-based learning to empower students to discover their own opinions, identity, and voice and to learn from one another.

Beautiful school facilities

We believe our students deserve a physical learning environment where they will feel inspired to dream big and take risks every day. Each Ascend school building is a privately-leased facility with classrooms that are colorful, spacious, and filled with natural light.

Our values

Dreaming audaciously

We are relentlessly bold. We dream wild futures inspired by our students’ power and confidently act on our unwavering belief that together, we can bring these dreams to life.

Striving joyfully

We are in love with learning. We embody the hard work, dedication, and tenacity that power our learning journey and believe that laughter, community, creativity, and curiosity strengthen us along the way.

Partnering collaboratively

We are in this together. We thrive through strong relationships amongst our schools, our families, and our communities, becoming stronger by learning from and with each other.

Centering justice

We are committed to shaping a more equitable future. We work endlessly to ensure an equitable and just education for our students that is rooted in anti-racism and advances equity in our schools and in our world.

Championing belonging

We are a place for all people. We treat every person with dignity and respect, celebrating the many unique identities that add beauty, authenticity, knowledge, and depth to our community.

An adventure in learning

Our exceptional curriculum includes research-proven, high-quality instructional programs, both Ascend-developed and from industry leading companies. Each day, Ascend’s students engage deeply in English language arts, project-based learning, real-world problem-based math lessons, scientific explorations, and robust, intellectually challenging discussions throughout.

A look inside the curriculum

The Odyssey

Grade 5, Humanities

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Ascend schools offer students music, art, dance, and physical education classes as part of a joyful, whole-child education.

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Join our collaborative, intellectually driven educators in building the finest schools in Brooklyn.

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