Apply now for school year 2023-24! Click here to see why our parents love Ascend!

Apply now for school year 2023-24! Click here to see why our parents love Ascend!

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Spark students’ love for STEM at Ascend.

Learn about Ascend’s approach to science, math, engineering, and technology and apply to join our growing team of educators.

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Our approach to instruction in the STEM fields

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are critical pillars of a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Teaching science, math, and STEM electives at Ascend means leading students on an intellectual adventure through hands-on learning, experimentation, and inquiry—all while strengthening your own ability to inspire the next generation of STEM minds.

Ascend teachers have the power to equip students with the reasoning, problem-solving skills, and deep conceptual foundation they need to wrestle with the mathematical puzzles of everyday life, engage with and better understand the natural world, and devise innovative solutions to the most enduring and pressing scientific challenges. With intensive training and ongoing support from fellow educators and experts in Ascend’s inquiry-based, hands-on approach to math and science, teachers bring their passion for the STEM fields into the classroom, igniting in students a natural sense of wonder and excitement.

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Watch: Math at Ascend

Erica Murphy, a former Ascend school director and now Ascend’s chief curriculum and instruction officer, describes the unique approach to math instruction—grounded in conceptual understanding and inquiry—which comes to life in Ascend’s classrooms.

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STEM programming overview

Read more about Ascend's curriculum and professional development programming for those teaching STEM subjects at Ascend.

Join a team committed to developing the next generation of STEM innovators.

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