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Liberal arts in a joyful and warm environment

Ascend schools offer a rich, Common Core-aligned liberal arts curriculum coupled with the uniquely warm and supportive Ascend school culture. Blending exciting and rigorous academic study with a nurturing environment, our model assures that our students are instilled with the knowledge, enthusiasm, character, and determination to succeed in college and beyond.

Our approach

Developing children’s potentials

By providing our students a rich, well-rounded course of study from kindergarten through high school that develops children’s full academic, social, artistic, and ethical potentials, we are offering them the world. A liberal arts education develops students’ myriad curiosities and capabilities and prepares them for a life of meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and success.

Encouraging critical thinking and questioning

We prize critical thinking and questioning, both celebrate and challenge the literary canon, and cultivate moral judgment and civic responsibility. Our children learn to speak and write with clarity, expression, and force; to think rationally and without prejudice; to be skilled at and comfortable in the disciplines of math and science; and to engage in the world and its opportunities with confidence and zest. Ascend students are taught to think logically and objectively, but are also encouraged to be imaginative and creative, and it is the development of these parallel talents that allows Ascend students to be uniquely themselves.

Liberal learning liberates

We equip our students with the broad capabilities, valued in any era, which will allow them to flourish—whatever the future brings. At Ascend, liberal learning liberates.

Our reopening plan

A copy of our reopening plans submitted to the NYS Department of Health and SUNY is located here. These are only preliminary plans that are subject to change as we receive updated guidance from public health officials and the New York State Education Department. More information on reopening will be communicated to our families as we aim to ensure that the 2020-21 school year is as strong as, or stronger, than previous school years.

Ascend proficiency

Percent proficient, 2015-2019

Ascend's proficiency has increased by 35 percentage points in ELA and 40 points in mathematics since 2015, and the pace continues,
and yet...

Reduction in suspensions

Percent reduction, 2015-2019

as achievement has risen, the percent of students suspended has fallen dramatically.

An adventure in learning

Our exceptional curriculum includes such engaging Ascend-developed programs as Literature Circle, an ambitious program where children in third and fourth grades discover the deepest meaning of outstanding children’s literature and become proficient and expressive writers; Number Stories, which develops students’ skills as mathematical thinkers; and Humanities, a captivating and intellectually challenging study of multi-cultural literary classics, with a focus on critical-thinking, writing, and public-speaking skills, as well as art appreciation. Our unique curricula are complemented by research-proven instructional programs in phonics, grammar, science, and Spanish.

A look inside the curriculum

The Odyssey

Grade 5, Humanities

View lesson plan

Ensuring that our students develop appreciation for the world of movement, music, and the arts, our campuses offer a selection of music, art, dance, and physical education classes as part of a well-rounded, invigorating school day.

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